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The condenser amplifier, concocted at Western Electric in 1916 by E. C. Wente,[19] is likewise called a capacitor amplifier or electrostatic mouthpiece—capacitors were generally called condensers. Here, the stomach goes about as one plate of a capacitor, and the vibrations deliver changes out there between the plates. There are two composes, contingent upon the technique for removing the sound flag from the transducer: DC-one-sided amplifiers, and radio recurrence (RF) or high recurrence (HF) condenser receivers. With a DC-one-sided mouthpiece, the plates are one-sided with a settled charge (Q). The voltage kept up over the capacitor plates changes with the vibrations noticeable all around, as indicated by the capacitance condition (C = Q⁄V), where Q = charge in coulombs, C = capacitance in farads and V = potential contrast in volts. The capacitance of the plates is conversely relative to the separation between them for a parallel-plate capacitor. The gathering of settled and portable plates is called a “component” or “case”.

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An about consistent charge is kept up on the capacitor. As the capacitance changes, the charge over the capacitor changes marginally, however at capable of being heard frequencies it is sensibly consistent. The capacitance of the container (around 5 to 100 pF) and the estimation of the inclination resistor (100 Mω to many Gω) frame a channel that is high-go for the sound flag, and low-go for the predisposition voltage. Note that the time steady of a RC circuit parallels the result of the opposition and capacitance.

Inside the time allotment of the capacitance change (as much as 50 ms at 20 Hz sound flag), the charge is for all intents and purposes consistent and the voltage over the capacitor changes promptly to mirror the adjustment in capacitance. The voltage over the capacitor shifts above and underneath the predisposition voltage. The voltage contrast between the inclination and the capacitor is seen over the arrangement resistor. The voltage over the resistor is intensified for execution or recording. Much of the time, the gadgets in the amplifier itself contribute no voltage pick up as the voltage differential is very huge, up to a few volts for high solid levels. Since this is a high impedance circuit, just current pick up is typically required, with the voltage staying consistent.

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RF condenser mouthpieces utilize a relatively low RF voltage, created by a low-commotion oscillator. The flag from the oscillator may either be abundancy adjusted by the capacitance changes created by the sound waves moving the container stomach, or the case might be a piece of a resounding circuit that balances the recurrence of the oscillator flag. Demodulation yields a low-commotion sound recurrence motion with a low source impedance. The nonappearance of a high inclination voltage allows the utilization of a stomach with looser strain, which might be utilized to accomplish more extensive recurrence reaction because of higher consistence. The RF biasing process brings about a lower electrical impedance case, a valuable result of which is that RF condenser amplifiers can be worked in clammy climate conditions that could make issues in DC-one-sided receivers with sullied protecting surfaces. The Sennheiser “MKH” arrangement of amplifiers utilize the RF biasing system.