A bit of trimming considers greatest effect. Gillette® has every one of the tips, traps, and devices you have to make your facial hair a centerpiece.

Stage 1Trim after you shower and when your facial hair is dry—your hair will be hydrated and less demanding to trim, and will give you a superior thought of how it will look once it’s subdued.

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Stage 2Brush out your facial hair. This can detangle bunches and set your facial hair up for ideal preparing.

Stage 3Use the All Purpose Gillette Styler® to get an even trim—its three guide brushes will give you consistency. For the best trimming, pull your skin instructed and trim in a general movement far from your face.

The All Purpose Gillette Styler is our most loved device for facial hair trimming.

Stage 4Remember, there’s no fix catch for awful trimming, so begin with a more drawn out guide brush to control length. For the best styling, trim your facial hair shorter on your neck and cheeks. Keep hair longer on your button to make a blur. Utilize these styles for motivation.

Stage 5After trimming, brush your mustache hair descending and expel the guide brush to buzz the hair that reaches out finished your lip.

Stage 6If fundamental, catch up with scissors to assault any stragglers head-on. We prescribe these.

Stage 7Use facial hair oil to keep your whiskers delicate and solid. These lightweight oils help keep dampness in your whiskers hair and skin to mellow and keep up rowdy facial hair and mustaches. This oil is our top choice.